Dust Your Own City

An expansion on the idea of Unbreakable; Fostering a deeper exploration on urbanism, urban design, architecture and the every day life of cities around the world. Fusing forgotten art inspired by and created for the cities - from vintage stamps, postcards, and letters, with the sophisticated beauty of pattern of the map of these cities.⁠

Each garment is individually priced, made unique to our clients' specifications and needs. Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, material etc. Every Dust of Gods garment undergoes a rigorous production process that ensures it can never be duplicated once it has been revived. Click below to inquire about your made-to-order request.


  • Custom made-to-order services start at:
    1) Hoodie: $950 USD
    2) Jacket: $1750 USD
    3) Coat: $2500 USD
    4) Overall: $2900 USD
  • Within this cost, the sourcing of the base garment is included.
  • Please fill out the request form with your measurements, garment type, and inspiration. Once a request form has been fully submitted, received, & chosen, you will receive a detailed reply via email regarding the specifics of your custom Dust of Gods piece.
  • Production is confirmed after deposits are received. All deposits are final and non-refundable. We are grateful for every request. However due to a high volume of demand not all projects will be taken on.
  • Order typically ships in 2-3 weeks after deposit, depending on project specifics.
  • We retain artistic freedom to do the pieces as the Creative Designer. Customization from the client will be accommodated but within reason and under our sole discretion. We will do a render or sketch for the idea and the client will have to sign off/agree to it prior to the beginning of production. Once we start - any new changes or additions may result in extra cost, production and delivery time, depending on the scope of the change/additions.