Welcome to the Dust Collective. This is an initiative that provides a platform for artists worldwide who embody the values of Dust of Gods: individuality, community, and sustainability. We want to spread the value of art & creativity to the world, by collaborating with carefully selected artists and infusing their work with the Dust of Gods spirit.

    Introducing Brandi Kole

    With a BFA from the University of Arizona in Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media, Brandi Kole was introduced to fiber art at a young age by her grandmother and mother. Inspired by these early experiences, she combines embroidery with collage-style painting to create striking mixed-media fiber works. Her art is characterized by the use of loose threads and a fluid painting style, resulting in pieces that are emotionally evocative and visually compelling. 

    A Touch of Dust

      In this collaboration, we challenged Brandi Kole to apply her distinctive artistic techniques and philosophy to our base garments. By integrating her multimedia approach— rooted in painting, drawing, and sewing — Brandi transformed our garments into unique works of art. This blend of fashion and art culminated in four exceptional pieces, each reflecting her commitment to exploring identity, gender, and memory.

        TANGLED UP

        This white denim jacket features a hand-painted portrait adorned with free motion embroidery embellishments, adding a personalized and artistic flair. The hand-woven details along the collar further enhance its unique craftsmanship, making it a standout piece that combines creativity with contemporary style.


        The denim jacket showcases a sustainable ethos with its patchwork and weaving crafted from recycled denim. Adding to its artistic appeal, a hand-painted portrait adorned with free motion embroidery embellishments creates a distinctive and personalized touch, making each jacket a wearable piece of art.


        This hoodie is a blend of artistic flair and craftsmanship, featuring hand-painted designs and free motion embroidery with three-dimensional details like puffed lips and cherries. It stands out as a unique statement piece, combining fashion with intricate artistic embellishments.


        This black and white shirt showcases a hand-painted portrait with free motion embroidery embellishments, blending artistic expression with textile craftsmanship. The use of woven cotton enhances its comfort and durability, creating a stylish and distinctive piece that seamlessly merges art and fashion.

        The Dust of Gods Subcollection: Perception

          Inspired by Brandi, we created a distinct subcollection called Perception. Each piece reflects the duality of perception—how we view others and how others view us. This collection pays homage to archival Dust of Gods, combining unique artwork with Brandi’s motifs. The collection consists of 10 unique pieces, each handcrafted by the Dust of Gods team. Available for a limited time until July 31.

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