About Dust of Gods


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter globally. It is due to this our core purpose at Dust of Gods is to build a sustainable brand by not contributing to the pollution generated by mass production methods that may harm our environment. We love fashion, but we need our environment to be clean and safe for children and generations to come. It is due to this dichotomy we exist. 

 We use repurposed clothing sourced from local and overseas vintage shops, the Salvation Army and other preloved clothing outlets. When we do use new clothes as a canvas, we source them from suppliers that adheres to the strictest environmental regulations so we are aligned with our core belief.

We may use the articles of clothing we gather as a whole, or its parts to create newly inspired looks that  are exciting, fashionable and fun. We are in no way affiliated, endorsed by or attached to the brands or logos you may observe on some of our clothing. We are lovers of fashion and art, hence the marriage of the two was natural when we started designing our pieces. You’ll see a lot of pop culture inspired pieces and artistic references to the past, present and future.

We encourage our customers and community to engage in a process we call dusting, which is about reusing vintage or dated pieces of clothing to make new reimagined pieces of art all whilst being sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our brand or product please contact Our founder Antonio directly at

 Happy Dusting!

Antonio Tadrissi